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For as far back as I can remember the written words has laid down for me like a lover. Be it spoken or written, I have been told I can paint a picture with my words. Which I find funny, considering I am dyslexic and couldn’t spell to save my life! Thank the Goddess for spell check! That aside, I love to write and ritual crafting is one of my favorite religious devotions. This was also one of the major tasks of the Bardic druid, as well as being the keepers of our history, some thing I also have a passion for.


However this post is not one for me to brag about my writing skills or love for history. Its a post for me to explain to you, dear reader, how you may know when you have hit the mark with ritual words as well as how to invoke inspiration to be able to find those words.


Firstly,forever every thing your english teachers ever told you. No seriously…forget it… ritual poetry doesn’t follow rules. It follows the flow of energies.So your poems may be in couplets…it maybe almost haiku like, or it may just rhyme a little. Or it may do none of these. Second, don’t think you need to be setting at your altar at home in a trance to get inspiration. Spiritual inspiration comes from any where. I get some of my best chants while driving home from work! Here is how you will know when the words are true, and have been given too you and not just made up in your head: When you think the words you will get chills or goose bumps. It will be like an electric wave over your body. There one second gone the next. When that happens, hang on too the words you’ve been given! They are important!


For me, often, in ritual I will be given words to speak. The experience is surreal and yet more real than any other moment in my life. I can feel that I seem to glow from the inside out. Like the moon has landed in my abdomen. And its almost like a TelePrompTer in my mind….words come to me and spill from my lips of their own volition. Sometimes I remember them, sometimes I don’t. But the feeling is always the same, like I want to giggle and speak at the same time, and I have a silvery light shining from my womb that lights up my entire body. My hair on my arms will stand on in and ill get chills all over my body.


When i’ve had the experience in circle with my hearth sisters I can feel a fine silver ribbon joining all the women in the circle and the current from my womb runs through it. I have often wondered if they are feeling what I am feeling at that same moment.


The most important thing to writing spiritual works is, trust your instincts. The Goddess IS speaking through your words.

Here is a small chant I wrote to help inspire you. I wrote it too the tune of A Mother’s Smile by the Judd’s I hope it helps your words flow true and pure as the Chalice Well’s waters.



Sacred Mother

Hear your daughter

Setting at your loom.


Fill my hands

O’ Mother

With inspirations

with Awen.


Sacred Mother

Hear your daughter

setting at your aisle.


Fill my mind

O’ Mother

with inspiration

with Fire in My Head.


Sacred Mother

Hear your daughter

setting at your altar.


Fill my heart

O’ Mother

With your love.

Benidithion Affalon


Spirit of Owl Speaks Again

For almost a year i’ve been having trouble exercising, eating well, and really taking care of my self. I have a hard time doing the things i love and staying in touch with Spirit. But over the past few days ive been working hard to take better care of my self and yesterday was my first day jogging on a nature trail near my home. Now i really wish i had some pictures i had taken for you but its hard to jog and hold a big camera at the same time! hehe.


However, i can describe for you some of the events of my trip. I view my jogging time as an oportunity to meditate and speak with the Spirits and the Gods. So whilst i was jogging i told Owl,

“Owl, i’ve always wanted one of your feathers. some thing to connect me with you….”

Owl in Her owlish way said nothing at the time. but i knew she hear me. she always does… Long about now i was considering the fact that when i was healthier and in better shape visions and spiritual interactions came easier for me. it was just as normal and real for me as everyday conversations are for everyone else. As ive moved from my healthier ways and my body has suffered that connection has dwindles as well. So i asked my self… what can i do to help this connection be reinvigorated.


Perhaps….i could jog daily….*Caw!* i hear…above me is a raven in the trees some place…


i moved on…Perhaps i could start eating only organic unprocessed foods…*Caw!* again the ravens above me call….


i stop in the trail and look up. I can’t see any ravens but i can hear their wings…i just smile too my self and think thats Raven being Raven mischievous from the get go. So i walk on and think maybe i should give up liqour….



ok…i think Raven is listening and speaking to me! At that point i just move on and continue my walk…i thank Raven for listening and giving me her feed back and ask the Goddess that she helps me stick too my goals…and i ask my self what will i do to reward my self today that doesn’t involve food (i’ve become addicted as of late to food…i use food for my comfort,my lover,my friend every thing… i get bord i eat, i get upset i eat…ect…) but nothing comes to mind…


At the end of my walk…what do i find at the end of my trail right at the mouth of the woods? A raven feather… setting neat as you please right on the leaves of a may apple….There was my reward…ive been collecting raven feathers for years, but hadnt found one in over a year!


Now fast forward too today….

Normally when i get off work im beat…and it takes me several hours of personal flagulations to get my butt off my bed and out too the track. Today i went straight from the hospital i work at too thepark i jog at. But today i decided to find a different trail in the park to jog on. My second lap…low and behold right in the middle of my walk way, is a owl feather for a barn owl!



ill try to post a picture of the feather. im totally positive its from them…its looks too be a chest or back feather not one from the wings or tail. I’m greatful for it either way 🙂


The Owlwoman and The Bee Priestess: Journ

The Owlwoman And the bee priestess:

journeys on the low road

It has been months upon months since last I posted here. Dear reader, I am so very sorry for my neglect. However, my journeys upon the low road have not halted with my posts. In the past few months I have been working with the Owlwoman, an archetype from mythology all over the world. I first met this face of the Goddess when studing the book “Ladies of the Lake” I met, again, Ragnell a women from Arthurian myth. One of her statements too Arthur at one time was “Even an owl deserves a mate.” upon meditation I found a very real connection with this Goddess. To keep it simple, instead of using all of her names (Ragnell Blowediwen,Hecate,Ceridwen) I simply call her the Owlwoman.

In the past the owl had been a totem of mine. She sang too me and calmed me when my exhusband left when I was all alone. She called me back too my path. But until now I hadnt really worked directly with her. But as this Goddess spoke too me I spoke to Owl. And too my glee, she spoke back.

One quiet night, as everyone else was out and about, I cast a circle and asked Owl if she wished too be my totem…. what did she wish to teach me…was I going in the right direction? Later that week, as I drove home after a long exhausting day at work, I had an owl flight infront of me frm east to west….not a block later an owl flew infront of me from west to east…. it was no mistaking that it was an owl…she flew not 2 feet from my wind sheild!I take that as a yes, as a sign that im encircled in Owl’s energy….i am an owlwoman….

Not long after this I started to research beekeeping. This is something I have always been interested in. When I was younger I had a boyfriend, whos grandfather kept bees. I remember staanding in the cloud of bees as they flew around me. Not even a little frightened. A day or so later a sister in my hearth posted a video about a beekeeper musician/bee priestess. My heart lept in my chest! Bee priestess…some thing was familiar…real…old….i have since researched the topic and I will continue to do so. I claim the term and wear it symbolically as a healer…and will some day be a bee keeper….

in this line I have also been working with my hearth to be inducted as a sister. To that end one assign a task…make prayer beads or affirmation beads ect…In a moment of meditation this poem came too me:

“I follow the path of the Bee Priestess

and the Owl Woman.

The healer and the seer.

Do not try to hide your self

from me.

For I see you even

when you don’t see your self.

Lay your wounds out

to me and I shall heal them.

I fly the night skies

nothing misses my gaze.

The winds call my name

My Goddess urges me on.

Be healed, Heal other.

Golden healing and

smokey wind.

I am the Bee Priestess

I am the Owlwoman.

Too that end I made these prayer beads… made in the Avalonian tradition and using my own totems and faces of the Goddess:

There are nine beads, a number sacred to Avalon and the goddess, the terra cota beads have Ogham rune on it spelling out:

Now that is “I am the Owlwoman I am the bee priestess, I am the seer I am the healer” I translated it to welsh then ogham from there.


The first bead, or thefocal bead, is the seal on the chalice well. With this bead I can focus on my intent for use of the beads that day then move on from there. The beads are strung on hand spun yarn (spun by yours truly) and is designed with a loop on one end so I can wear them as a necklace if I choose.

I hope for these beads to be a wonderful tool for self growth and spiritual awakening. I hope you enjoyed my first post in a very long time 🙂