Spirit of Owl Speaks Again

For almost a year i’ve been having trouble exercising, eating well, and really taking care of my self. I have a hard time doing the things i love and staying in touch with Spirit. But over the past few days ive been working hard to take better care of my self and yesterday was my first day jogging on a nature trail near my home. Now i really wish i had some pictures i had taken for you but its hard to jog and hold a big camera at the same time! hehe.


However, i can describe for you some of the events of my trip. I view my jogging time as an oportunity to meditate and speak with the Spirits and the Gods. So whilst i was jogging i told Owl,

“Owl, i’ve always wanted one of your feathers. some thing to connect me with you….”

Owl in Her owlish way said nothing at the time. but i knew she hear me. she always does… Long about now i was considering the fact that when i was healthier and in better shape visions and spiritual interactions came easier for me. it was just as normal and real for me as everyday conversations are for everyone else. As ive moved from my healthier ways and my body has suffered that connection has dwindles as well. So i asked my self… what can i do to help this connection be reinvigorated.


Perhaps….i could jog daily….*Caw!* i hear…above me is a raven in the trees some place…


i moved on…Perhaps i could start eating only organic unprocessed foods…*Caw!* again the ravens above me call….


i stop in the trail and look up. I can’t see any ravens but i can hear their wings…i just smile too my self and think thats Raven being Raven mischievous from the get go. So i walk on and think maybe i should give up liqour….



ok…i think Raven is listening and speaking to me! At that point i just move on and continue my walk…i thank Raven for listening and giving me her feed back and ask the Goddess that she helps me stick too my goals…and i ask my self what will i do to reward my self today that doesn’t involve food (i’ve become addicted as of late to food…i use food for my comfort,my lover,my friend every thing… i get bord i eat, i get upset i eat…ect…) but nothing comes to mind…


At the end of my walk…what do i find at the end of my trail right at the mouth of the woods? A raven feather… setting neat as you please right on the leaves of a may apple….There was my reward…ive been collecting raven feathers for years, but hadnt found one in over a year!


Now fast forward too today….

Normally when i get off work im beat…and it takes me several hours of personal flagulations to get my butt off my bed and out too the track. Today i went straight from the hospital i work at too thepark i jog at. But today i decided to find a different trail in the park to jog on. My second lap…low and behold right in the middle of my walk way, is a owl feather for a barn owl!



ill try to post a picture of the feather. im totally positive its from them…its looks too be a chest or back feather not one from the wings or tail. I’m greatful for it either way 🙂


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