Being Claimed By The Goddess

Blue Moon Of August 2012

The Moon,face of the Goddess.

Way Back when i first started this blog i told you of a dream i had where in the Goddess claimed me as her daughter. I told you i would eventually give you full details of this dream…and totally forgot to do so!


So my dears, read on to get the full account of that dream….


It is a summer day in some wilderness retreat. My friends,family,and acquaintances are celebrating a pagan holiday and i am walking side by side with the OldWoman face of the Goddess.She has a warm grandmotherly feel too her with a keen edge. She wears layers upon layers of grey and black shawls and skirts. Her hair is grey and somewhat mattyand her eyes are black and tinkly like a ravens. We chitchat and laugh together, mostly amused that all these people are here celebrating a pagan holy day and have no idea they are doing so! For several moments we talk and enjoy each others company when suddenly she turns serious. This whole time she has been leading me into the back of a pavilion. The back of it is hidden from the rest of the scene. Once we are there she turns to me, looks me in the eyes and takes my left hand.


I feel her draw something on the palm of my hand as she says, “I name you the witch…” and she gives me a name. i would have thought this was a name from my cultural interests…but it wasnt its a name from India and it means “black beauty” or “beautiful night”….


So, there you go…how i was claimed by the Goddess….

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