Imbolc:season of the Youthful Crone


Often we find ourselves taking this time of year for granted. It’s after the hubb-bub of the holidays, often we take a step back and are just glad we made it through the chaos of dinners,family,and gift giving. So when good ol’ january gets here…then febuary we forget to enjoy this season of quiet. Its in this time that we can recharge and recoup. But all too often folks dread this season. I suppose its the lack of light or the lack of perceptible life. But in truth, i think, its the fact that we are no longer distracted from the face in the mirror. No pretty flowers,or errands to do, no lawns to mow or picnics to be had…just that face staring back at you.


   So what do we do? We get depressed and we waste time. But my dear witches, and pagans, this season is very important this is the season of, what i call, the Youthful Crone. this is the time of wisdom in potentia. it is not in the movement that dance is beautiful, its in the open spaces between motion. Its only after darkness that light has meanings,life has purpose only when faced with death. So how do we harness this raw potential? Personal spiritual journeys AKA crossing the hedge and preparing ourselves for the coming year of magical work and spiritual travel.


  Traditionally this time of year new witches were initiated and new tools are dedicated. At this time of year i go through several little rituals all leading up too Imbolc. The first is i clean my home physically. Yup witchcraft involves house work! Everything gets done right down to alphabetizing my books. Once thats done (and it takes a while my house is as messy as my mind) it all gets cleansed spiritually. I start at the backside of my home in the eastern most corner, and in a clockwise direction, i smudge the house. Ah did i mention all the windows and doors need to be open? I didn’t did i…sorry yes every things gotta be open. The old year has to be allowed to flee. Now i smudge the entire house. Then i aspirge it with salted water. So now we hit it up with all the “classical” elements. Finally we bless the house, close all the doors and windows and on each one you anoint it with either blessing oil, or olive oil thats been prayed over. Personally i place a few runes on each door and window but hey, do whats right for you.


   Next i need to recharge,or make new wards for the house. For those unaware, Wards are magical barriers for you or your home. A witch’s bottle is a type of ward spell. Personally i dont use witch bottles. Just never have…i think the idea of pissing in a bottle bothers me. I use an old hill folk ward, because it makes sense to me from a scientific perspective. Get yourself 4 old rail road spikes and drive them into the four corners of your property. Railroad spikes are made of Iron…just plain ol’ iron. Iron grounds out any negativity, be it a spell or otherwise, directed at your home. So each year i pull them up, rebless them,charge them and plant’em again.


  Now finally i cleanse,bless,and dedicated my ritual tools. And each year i rededicated myself too the witching way. How each witch does this is their own business and is as privet, i feel, as a lover announcing their love for the first time. I also create new charms or items to be used for charms at this time of year.


  For those who read my blog often, you’ll know i had a child last year. She was Born Sept. 29,2013 and was 6lb 15 ounces. She is growing fast and a handful. But if i can manage it i will be tring to blog a bit more specific details on said charms and hopefully, leading up too Imbolc, i will post my personal Imbolc ritual.

in theory this is the order of the blogs:

spinning the web, using thread spinning in magic

Wards, how they work, what they are

Intoning: your voice in magic

Imbolc: Ritual too the Cailleach


Presenting Miss Autumn Rose

2 thoughts on “Imbolc:season of the Youthful Crone

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  2. I Love upcoming Candlemas aka Imbolc. To me it is like the Goddess Persephone of nature is in her cave starting the long slow walk back to green the world again but you can’t see or feel her much but you Can see a glimmer of the candle of light she carries. It is the ritual of Hope for sure for me.
    The magickal use of iron is very powerful and I usually don’t use iron witch tools outside so as to not scare the fey, but i Do use it outside for warding. The hill folk practices of nails and RR spikes is just like what i do in Tibetan Buddhist practice with my phurba (you can Wiki it if not familiar). BB

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